Believe in natural

Feel good hair & skin care products enhanced by the goodness of natural ingredients.

Our Ingredients

No animal testing

Vegan friendly

Organic & sustainably sourced oil

Who We Are

We're a fun, feel good British beauty brand, and we believe in natural. We're known for our body-celebrating hair and skincare products that are truly inspired by nature.

We make our products with love and care, harnessing the goodness of natural coconut and argan nut oil for their miraculous qualities to nourish, cleanse, smooth and shine.

Over 100 years of knowledge and expertise has taught us to stay true and kind. So the only things you’ll find in our products are naturally benefitting to your hair and skin.

We always keep people, animals and the planet in mind. Our products are 100% vegetarian and vegan friendly, and our 100% organic oils are sustainably sourced. We never test on animals.

We believe beauty comes from the heart. We create our beauty products to protect and nourish your skin and hair so they stay happy and healthy for years to come.

Discover more about our ingredients and unlock the secret of the nut.